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Could your organization benefit from a boost in visibility AND and income? If so, keep reading to find out how a custom product line and no-cost-to-you online store experience powered by Ezra’s Clothing may be a win for your church, non-profit, school, business or community organization. 


Your supporters can literally wear your message or brand in t-shirt, hoodie, or coffee mug form. By offering your line of custom merchandise in an online store powered by Ezra’s Clothing, you’re opening yourself up to increased visibility. Your supporters now have a way to help you get the word out, to strike up conversations, and to bring awareness and connection to your organization without any cost to you. They’ll love the opportunity to show off their support for a cause they believe in.


Who wouldn’t benefit from extra income? A percentage of every sale from your custom merchandise is given to your organization, providing a no-risk and no cost opportunity for additional income. Giving your supporters access to an online, 24/7 store means that you’ll have no deadlines. You'll never have to manage inventory, guess sizes, quantities, or colors. Your supporters gain access to a gallery of product options including apparel for adults and children, coffee mugs, cell phone cases and more. 

Look for the "Church + Non-Profit" tab on the top menu of our homepage to browse some examples. Or, check out an example store HERE.


Receive a link to your custom store. Embed the link on your website, share it on social media, add it to your newsletter, or YouTube Channel. Send supporters online to browse and purchase your product line. They will choose size, color, and product options, and complete payment through Ezra’s Clothing. We’ll ship the products directly to them, and offer shipping worldwide from the USA. Ezra’s provides a percentage of sales to your organization. Whether you sell one t-shirt or one hundred, there is never any cost to you, and you benefit from sales from your product line.


How do I start? We’re glad you asked. Complete a contact form HERE so that we can send you the details, an application, and next steps. Questions? Email us


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