We love the LAKE. We Love FUN.

A collection of lake themed clothing and gifts.

Our Story

Hello there! Welcome to our collection of lake themed clothing and gifts. We're so happy you stopped by.

You may know us from our best-selling Get Your Own Dam Shirt™ and Get Your Own Dam Hoodie™ designs. They're a funny and sarcastic play on words for lake lovers, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts.

We started selling them around our home, Smith Lake, Alabama, and they quickly turned out to be a big hit! The combination of our dam, the lake, and road, known locally as "The Dam Road," makes for endless sarcasm, puns, and dad jokes. Lake folks love to laugh, so we turned all the fun and good times into a clothing line.  

If you are lucky enough to be a part of a dam, lake, or river community, you can appreciate the DAM humor. You've probably got a few jokes, laughs and good times of your own. That's why we love the lake and why we're sharing the brand!

We started small in 2018, selling at a local store, and began to grow, branching out and offering more products. And now here we are, online, sharing the fun with you. Our customers are everywhere from Alabama to Alaska, California, Mississippi, and all over!  We can't wait to send something out to you.

Grab a shirt, a hat, or hoodie for yourself, or as a gift for a friend.

What are you waiting for? Isn't it time to GET YOUR OWN DAM SHIRT™

Thank you for supporting our small business.


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