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What To Do In Buenos Aires, Argentina - Ezra's Clothing

Explore the Vibrant City of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, is a vibrant and culturally rich destination with a mix of European charm and Latin American flair. From historical landmarks to lively neighborhoods, Buenos Aires offers a plethora of activities and experiences that will leave you captivated. Whether you're a foodie, history enthusiast, or tango lover, this city has something for everyone.

1. Visit Casa Rosada

Casa Rosada Argentina

Start your journey by visiting Casa Rosada, the iconic pink presidential palace located in Plaza de Mayo. Take a guided tour to learn about Argentina's political history and admire the impressive architecture of this historic building. Don't forget to take a picture in front of the famous balcony where Eva Perón once addressed the crowd.


2. Explore San Telmo Sunday Market

San Telmo Market

On Sundays, head to San Telmo, one of Buenos Aires' oldest   neighborhoods, to experience the vibrant San Telmo Sunday Market. Stroll through the cobblestone streets lined with colorful colonial buildings and browse through a wide array of antiques, handicrafts, and vintage items. Enjoy live music performances and street tango dancers as you immerse yourself in the local culture. Don't miss the opportunity to try some traditional Argentine street food like empanadas and choripán.


3. Discover the Ecological Reserve

Ecological Reserve Buenos Aires

Escape the bustling city and find tranquility in the Ecological Reserve. Located along the Rio de la Plata, this nature reserve offers walking and biking trails where you can enjoy stunning views of the river and observe various bird species. It's a perfect retreat for nature lovers and a great spot for a picnic. Take a leisurely stroll or rent a bike to explore the vast green spaces and reconnect with nature.


4. Experience the Passion of Tango

No visit to Buenos Aires is complete without experiencing the passion and sensuality of tango. Attend a tango show or take tango lessons to immerse yourself in this mesmerizing dance form. Milongas, traditional tango dance halls, can be found throughout the city where you can join locals and dance the night away. If you're feeling adventurous, participate in a tango class and learn the basic steps of this iconic dance. Tango is deeply rooted in Argentine culture and a must-see for any visitor.

5. Indulge in Argentine Pizza

Argentina is famous for its delicious pizza, and Buenos Aires is home to numerous pizzerias offering mouthwatering slices. Head to a local pizzeria and savor the flavors of Argentine-style pizza, characterized by a thick, doughy crust and a variety of toppings. Don't miss trying the classic Argentine pizza varieties like Fugazza and Fugazzeta, topped with onions and cheese. Pair it with a glass of Malbec, Argentina's renowned red wine, for a truly delightful culinary experience.

6. Marvel at the Obelisk

Buenos Aires Obelisk

Standing tall at the intersection of Avenida 9 de Julio and Avenida Corrientes, the Obelisk is a prominent symbol of Buenos Aires. This towering monument commemorates the founding of the city and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area from its observation deck. Take a stroll down Avenida 9 de Julio, one of the widest avenues in the world, and admire this architectural landmark that serves as a focal point of the city.


7. Visit Ateneo Grand Splendid

El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore

Book lovers shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit Ateneo Grand Splendid, a stunning bookstore housed in a former theater. Located in the Recoleta neighborhood, this cultural gem is a paradise for book enthusiasts. Explore the shelves filled with books in multiple languages, grab a coffee at the café located on the stage, and immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of this unique literary haven. Don't forget to admire the preserved theater features, including the grand chandelier and ornate balconies.

8. Explore Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery is not your average cemetery. It's a place of immense beauty, with ornate mausoleums and intricate sculptures. Take a guided tour or wander through the maze-like alleys to discover the final resting place of notable figures, including Eva Perón. Marvel at the stunning architecture and elaborate tombstones that reflect the city's rich history. The cemetery is also a peaceful oasis, providing a serene environment for contemplation and reflection.


9. Admire the Cathedral

Buenos Aires Cathedral

Make a visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral, located in Plaza de Mayo. This stunning cathedral is the main Catholic church in Argentina and houses various artistic treasures. Step inside to witness the grandeur of its interior, adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and intricate decorations. Take a moment to appreciate the architectural beauty and serene ambiance inside the cathedral, a peaceful sanctuary amidst the bustling city.

There you have it! A list of exciting things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Whether you're immersing yourself in the vibrant tango culture, exploring historical landmarks, indulging in delicious cuisine, or simply strolling through the city's charming neighborhoods, Buenos Aires promises an unforgettable experience. Don't forget to grab your very own Buenos Aires Argentina Coffee Mug to commemorate your trip!

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